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Here's another copy n pasted family friendly one...

Sorry for not posting this week, it seems like there hasn't been much new to update on, but I guess now I can...

I have a really challenging schedule Monday through Wednesday and then four day weekends, so its just a very disjointed-feeling schedule that I plan to change after my trip to Holland. Wednesday night I went to Gran Via (can be best compared to times square) to study and then walked over to Chueca (super hip gay fun place with lots of shopping) to buy little birthday gifts for Caitlin and Sonia. I asked this guy how much these scarfs cost (this one style of scarf is a HUGE trend here - black and white and sort of checkered) and he immediately caught my accent and we got to talking in English. His name is David, he was born in Philadelphia and raised in Portugal and living in Madrid to go to a school for animation/comic drawing. He invited me out with some of his friends, I met some interesting guys from Venezuela, and David was able to jump from Spanish to English whenever I needed a little help understanding something. Fun time. I've really been on a roll this week with making new friends and I find it interesting that now that I'm in the swing of things I have a much easier time making friends when I venture out on my own.

Friday was Caitlin's birthday so she wanted to go to this club called Pacha that everyone here talks about. They have this word here, "pijo" which is like it's own subculture - pijo people are said to talk in a weird way (like the Spanish version of a valley girl) and only want designer clothing and aren't necessarily bright but think they're above everyone that isn't as shallow as them. After going to Pacha, I completely understand what the word means. I HATED THIS PLACE! There were girls that were checking themselves out in hand held mirrors and applying make up while sitting at the bar. Almost every single guy there was dressed like he was on his way to a golf tournament, sweater wrapped around the neck and everything. I never thought I disliked people like that so much until I was completely smothered in it. SOOO I got out of there as soon as possible with Neesha and met up with Nic and Russell who for some reason weren't allowed in. They shoulda worn their sweaters in the right way, clearly.

Saturday was Cristina's (from Colmenar-Viejo) 18th birthday. Yep. She's young. But the GW group had plans to celebrate Sonia's birthday which had already passed but never been celebrated properly. The choice was between taking the metro, a train, and a bus outside of Madrid solo for Cristina's OR to stick with GW friends and go to the coolest club I've ever been to in my life - Kapital. I didn't want to turn down Cristina's offer but given the trek it seemed reasonable. Edu and Carlos started calling all of our phones (Cristina's friends) like "where are you guys?" Mind you, no one else in the group had ever even planned to go to Cristina's birthday. I felt bad because they all called us, even Cristina, when we were in Kapital to say they were in Madrid and did we want to meet up. Anyway this probably isn't that interesting so long story short I think I may have hurt my sweet Spanish friend's feelings.

Kapital is a 7 floor club that is unbelievable. The first floor has this cool steam that comes out and confetti that goes flying every 15 minutes or so. The music is great. There is a very Spanish floor with strobe lights, a terrace for relaxing, and a hip hop floor that is set up like a stadium sort of. I ended up making friends with some guys there that seem pretty cool. One of them is named Carlos and he somehow has learned English better than I've learned Spanish just through taking classes. He's a total gentleman and just very nice and made me laugh. As we walked out of the club I realized that I had forgotten my coat inside. He offered to walk me back in but the bouncer wouldn't allow it. I went back up to get my coat and ran into Nic and Neesha who I'd lost for a minute and when we came outside it was pouring and Carlos was gone. Fortunately I'd already exchanged numbers with Carlos so there is another friend - hooray. Neesha went home and Nic and I went to San Gines, the famous chocolate & churros place. It's known for being jam packed at 6 am with people coming back from a night out. I will definitely have fond memories of those churros when I leave this country. I think the 6am churro tradition ought to become a global phenomenon - the world would just be happier!
Today I have studied, studied, talked to Fredes (happy birthday!) and my mom and am about to go study some more. I really want to change my schedule!

P.S. Mom and Dad - I don't go out like this every weekend I promise :) It was a biiirthday weekend, ya know?


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Oct. 19th, 2008 11:12 pm (UTC)
that club sounds amaaaaazing! ALSO churros are so good we definitely need to make a 6 am churro tradition here
Oct. 20th, 2008 04:25 pm (UTC)
Yeah Kapital is super cool and even though it is expensive I definitely think it's worth it. I'd been there once before with Brittany a couple of years ago. If you come here we are going! And if in the meantime I go again, next time I will bring my camera and take lotsa pictures.
I come home in only 57 days! Weird. Want this time period to stretch while at the same time I really want to chill out home style!
Oct. 22nd, 2008 05:23 am (UTC)
That 57 days will FLY by (with the exception of a week or so if you're stressed out). I can't wait to see you, can I pick you up at the airport?

Amaranth and Susi, we need to make winter break really count!
Oct. 22nd, 2008 11:41 am (UTC)
My parents might be jealous, you should probably go with them because they miss me and stuff but yes I would love to see you at the airport. Being the one thats always the one home saying that to you its fun to think I´ll be coming home to you :):) :)
I still haven´t figured out how to do the at e-mail sign on a spanish comp. lame right?
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