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This week has had lots and lots of ups and downs but I'm mainly leaning toward the up side right now. I sometimes feel alienated from my GW group, but that's whatever. Yesterday I had talked with Lauren about going to an intercambio as I was shopping around Rios Rosas (where I live) for notebooks and pens and whatnot. I decided I would go to Gran Via (times square-ish, big theatres, shopping, prostitution hot spot) on my way to Chueca (super-hip ultra-gay fashionable rich fun area) and Opera (I don't know too much bout Opera but it is close and that's where Lauren's intercambio thing was supposed to be). So I go to the Gran Via McDonald's - go figure - and I got a McFlurry and let me tell you it was awesome. It's definitely some McFlurry that doesn't exist in the US with white chocolate and caramel...anyway. I do my studying and then I start walking over to Chueca looking for birthday gifts for Caitlin and Sonia (both GW students - Caitlin's birthday is today, Sonia's was a few weeks ago but we never properly celebrated). I stop by this one place that is kind of a central shopping area - it's got cheap funky boutiquey stuff in a concentrated 3 story building I guessss you could call a mall for lack of better words, but I really don't like to. I see these scarfs that are a big fasion deal here (black and white checkered) in other colors and want to ask how much they cost but decide to go into the headshop first. I bought a red metal chillum for 5 euros and this plastic purple and blue bong. I love that guy. It is my second Spanish bong and already as beloved as my last one (RIP Bubba). I also found out from the guy that I bought these from that the hash pipe that I had been using before was actually supposed to be used for sniffing coke. Oops.
I go over to the spot with the scarfs and ask the guy working there how much it costs. The guy working there easily could tell I was foreign so we got to talking and it turns out he's from Philly and Portugal. I buy the scarfs and he invites me out to get some beers with him and his friends after he gets off work. So I hung out there while he closed up and talked to his bro who used to live in Barcelona and is pretty cute. David and I bought some litronas and went to a plaza in Chueca, the cops strangely came, we continued to walk around plazas drinking...at one point we stop in a plaza right by Gran Via and I'm hanging out on a bench while he's in the bathroom. This ridiculously animated guy sits down next to me (it looked like he was going for David's beer sitting next to me so I had called him out on it) and out of nowhere goes on about how he wants to go to America and see Ozzy Osbourne and ACDC perform and "Te gustas heavy rock?" and starts like listing off all of these bands - I wish I could record for you how he pronounced Quiet Riot and Pearl Jam. David came back kind of like "Is everything okay here?" with this dude and sits in between us quickly realizing this dude just *really really* likes heavy metal and rock and he wants to list off favorite artists and rank them. He was way too quick to be friendly though so David kind of ushered him off of our bench. I haven't been to many plaza botellons but at the three plazas I was at last night there was one or two people that would walk by every 10, 20 minutes trying to sell you a beer. Two of David's friends were in the third plaza we stopped by so we chilled with them for awhile. They're both Venezuelan and pretty cool I liked them. They talked about living in Venezuela and David is pretty into the fact that he's Portuguese so there was lots of language/country conversation. One of the guys was awesome and like I KNOW YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE in NOVA - just like nice metal long hair guy-dude. Like Tim minus the drugs. The other guy is called Gabriel and he's got all of these piercings (like the bull ring even) and this super short green yellow and orange mohawk and manages to actually really pull it off. David is definitely a character too since he is just like super prideful of being Portuguese, talks in English with this Philadelphian accent (I honestly didn't even know there was such a thing really till hearing this guy) and summed it up himself when he said "soy cabron si, pero puro de corazon" - I am an asshole but I'm pure of heart. These people were just really interesting. I exchanged numbers with David and Gabriel so we'll see que pasa because it's awesome hanging out with someone truly bilingual with crazy friends. He introduced me to another guy on the street who just had dreads and was one of those people that just has that good person vibe that totally radiates off the people that have it. I've encountered it with 2 people in this country so far.
I forgot that I had make up class today so never set my alarm. I missed Spanish which is kind of a big deal since there are 4 people in the class. It kind of sucks because it means I can't miss class ever but whatever.
I'm kind of sick but it's alright because I am at least well rested. Today is Caitlin's birthday so the GW group is going out for dinner and then to Pacha (nice club I've never been to) to celebrate. I don't really have the faintest idea what to wear but whatever, I'll throw something together. Tomorrow GW group is meeting with Barbara (Spanish "monitor" basically a paid friend who is 25) at 10:30 for tapas/bars and then afterward the group is planning on going to Kapital (super cool 7floor club that costs way too much) to celebrate Sonia's birthday. But it's also Cristina's 18th (young, I know.) birthday in Colmenar which is 30 minutes away. Obviously if anyone goes it is just going to be me since there are these Sonia plans. So I have to do the whole "pick a birthday party" thing. It's uncomfortable and way dumb. Whatever, I got Sonia a scarf.
The End.



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